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Vanderpump Villa Trailer Reveals Lisa Vanderpump’s Staff Breaking All Of Her Rules

Hulu’s new Lisa Vanderpump series Vanderpump Villa finally has a trailer, which reveals that life in the French chateau looks messier than expected.

The Vanderpump Villa season 1 trailer is finally here, showing off the luxurious skills of the staff at Lisa Vanderpump’s gorgeous French chateau, Chateau Rosabelle, along with all the drama that comes with working, living, and playing at an elegant estate. With an entire cast of servers, mixologists, chefs, housekeepers, event coordinators, and a chateau manager, the brand-new reality TV series will premiere this spring on Hulu. In a series reminiscent of Below Deck and Lisa’s original Bravo series, Vanderpump Rules, Vanderpump Villa follows the staff of Lisa’s chateau as they provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for guests and dealing with drama behind the scenes, all while living together in the staff quarters.

The trailer for Hulu‘s Vanderpump Villa shows off the decadent side of things before delving into the dramatic. Introducing the staff, Stephen Alsvig, Anthony Bar, Marciano Brunette, Caroline Byl, Grace Cottrell, Priscilla Ferrari, Hannah Fouch, Eric Funderwhite, Telly Hall, Emily Kovacs, Andre Mitchell, and Gabrielle Santon, the trailer shows off the elegant side of their work before highlighting the drama they create behind the scenes.

“Welcome to Vanderpump Villa,” Lisa explains in a voiceover. “The chateau has meticulously assembled a world-class staff that are all experts of what they do.” She continues on to share that her guests “expect perfection,” and the staff jumps in to start revealing their personalities. Over a few clips of the staff getting to work and taking time to indulge in luxuries of their own, one of the employees shares, “As long as we make sure they leave happy, we can do whatever we want.”

What To Expect From Vanderpump Villa

In the way that Vanderpump Rules became captivating TV because of the central hub of Lisa’s restaurant SUR being the epicenter of the drama, Vanderpump Villa uses the Chateau Rosabelle as its stage for anything and everything to happen. Lisa explains in the trailer that she has some strict rules for her staff, especially since the chateau is where they live while they deliver exceptional service. “The bar is out of bounds,” Lisa explains. “The bedrooms are out of bounds. Don’t get sloppy.” Despite Lisa’s warnings, the Vanderpump Villa season 1 staff is shown drinking, fighting, and getting intimate. With a staff of people who work hard and play harder, nothing seems off limits.

While the staff at Chateau Rosabelle is comprised of unknowns in the reality TV world, the Vanderpump Villa cast all seems to be able to bring it for the cameras. Sharing their own personal philosophies on working in the industry, Lisa’s staff appear to understand that service comes first, but they’re all trying to have a good time during their time in the French countryside. On a series where decadence and luxury is imperative for their jobs, the cast of Vanderpump Villa all seem to be working towards making the guest experiences great while ensuring they have a good time of their own.

After Vanderpump Rules season 10 made the series a renewed success, Lisa seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to reality TV. Though her role on Vanderpump Villa may not be as all-encompassing as her role on the original series, Lisa’s presence and the fact that she’s helped to put the series together means it will have similar touchstones to her first show, which has been a massive success through the years. With the right formula and a fascinating cast, the anticipation is building for Vanderpump Villa.

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