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Tom Sandoval Spotted Welcoming New Girlfriend To Shared Home With Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval was photographed with his new girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson, outside of the home co-owned by Ariana Madix. Yes, somehow Vanderpump Rules’ biggest villain managed to get another woman to date him.

Not only that, but he got her to come to the house. Where his ex-girlfriend lives. The ex-girlfriend that he cheated on. What kind of pull does Tom have?

Tom and Victoria have been getting to know each other for a couple of months. They were first spotted together at a food festival in December but with no PDA at that point. Well, things progressed from there. Quite a lot it would seem.

Tom Sandoval

Has Tom already cheated on his new girlfriend?

On February 6, Twitter user @thebravobabe_ made a Tweet captioned, “Sandoval welcomes his girlfriend Victoria to his shared home with Ariana.” Along with the tweet was a picture of the Victoria in question, as well as Tom carrying a load of roses into the home. The day before the tweet, The Daily Mail also posted pictures of the couple’s meet-up.

Reactions to the pictures were about what fans would expect. One Twitter user posted a GIF, writing, “Excuse me, I have to go and vomit.” Another pointed out how ridiculous it was for the couple to meet up at the infamous shared house of all places. “The way that you would never be able to get me to go to that house. Like doesn’t she have a home? Don’t hotels exist?”

Others questioned the strength of the couple’s bond. One reply posited that Victoria was only with Tom for the notoriety. Given how crazy it would be for anyone to link up with Tom after Scandoval, the theory made sense. Another user asked, “I thought I saw something that he cheated on her already?”

BravoBabe responded, “He was seen leaving a bar with a blonde woman so it’s up for speculation!” But that’s only a rumor. Take everything here with a grain of salt. Tom might be awful, but there’s only so much to know about this relationship so far.

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