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Scheana’s Nanny Caught In Love Triangle With Tom And Katie

Scheana Shay’s new nanny has gotten herself into a sticky situation. It seems she is in a love triangle with Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney who were once married. The two were together for twelve years and married for six. They got a divorce and now they are interested in the same woman. How does this situation work out for them?

Scheana Only Trusts One Person

Scheana Shay recently went into detail on the show about her postpartum OCD. This seems to have been a major problem for her and her marriage. Scheana has not let anyone besides her immediate family watch her daughter Summer and still, that is very rare. This has caused her to not be able to go out often. However, when she does go out, she is stressed the whole time about the well-being of her daughter. This did not sit well with her husband Brock Davies. He made it clear he has been trying to get Scheana to let someone watch Summer for a long time. It seems as though Scheana only trusts one person, and that is Tori Keeth who she has known since she was 16.


Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz In A Love Triangle

In the teaser for the new season, Tori Keeth was seen kissing both Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney.

“I have a crush on a divorced couple!”

Katie revealed she had never been in a love triangle before, and she says the best person will win. It’s weird that her first love triangle involves her ex-husband. Tori is way younger than the both of them. Keeth is 24 while Maloney is 37 and Schwartz is 41. So, this does not seem like it will turn into anything serious. Also, it seems this could be Katie’s first relationship with a girl, and she could simply be testing the waters. Katie is unbothered by the situation and knows Tori will choose who she feels more connected to.


It seems as though Tori Keeth has got herself involved with a divorced couple, that’s awkward. It is truly unknown how serious the situation is, it could be all fun and games. Since Katie has not been known to date a woman before, this could just be her testing the waters. However, Tori will continue to be involved considering she is one of the few people Scheana trusts with Summer. How do you think this situation will play out? Sound off in the comments below.

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