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Katie Maloney Slips Up On Something About Her Closing

Katie Maloney accidentally slipped up in her interview on the after-show about her and Ariana Madix’s sandwich shop Something About Her. The sandwich shop has been in the works for two years now. However, it just never seems to open. Katie may have accidentally let it slip that it is not opening anymore.

Katie Maloney And Ariana Madix Took On Too Much

After Scandoval became public, Ariana had so much gone on. She is now starring on Broadway and was previously on Dancing With The Stars. With this going on, there has been no time for Ariana to focus on Something About Her. This has quickly put it on the back burner. Fans continue to question when the sandwich shop will be opening. However, Katie Maloney always says they do not have the right permits and are still waiting for them to open. Fans speculated the truth behind this because they knew it does not take that long to acquire them. However, it seems as though it may have closed forever.

Ariana Madix and Pasha Pashkov from Dancing With The Stars, Instagram
Ariana Madix and Pasha Pashkov from Dancing With The Stars, Instagram

Katie Lets It Slip

During an interview on the after-show, Katie let something slip. She was talking about how expensive everything is, especially with having a dog and a cat. However, she mentioned they are no longer paying the rent on the building for Something About Her.

“We were paying a mortgage and then for a long time we were also paying the rent on Something About Her, so…”

Viewers immediately commented on what she said.

  • “I caught that! I’m wondering if she misspoke or if someone else is paying their rent.”
  • “They aren’t paying rent because it’s not real,”
  •  “They’re getting caught in too many lies if people were really paying attention.”
  • “Whoever supported them got scammed. Whoever invested in them got scammed.”
  • “Only they were making money and it was due to the merch….. let that sink in.”

This does not look good for Something About Her. Fans just want them to be honest about what is going on and stop making excuses.

Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney, Something About Her - Instagram
Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney, Something About Her – Instagram

No one knows if this was a mistake, she misspoke, or if someone else is paying their rent. However, fans are not going to believe it is truly opening until there is a date set and they are open for business. A lot of things have been filmed there but there is nothing inside. They blame it on permits, but everyone knows it does not take that long. It has come to the point that Lisa Vanderpump even voiced her concerns. Do you think it has closed? Sound off in the comments below.

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