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Jo Wenberg Got Redemption At S11 ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion

Jo Wenberg shared that she got her redemption at the Season 11 Vanderpump Rules reunion. After being called a plethora of names and used by Tom Schwartz, she finally received what she needed and wanted. So, how did it all go down? Keep reading for all of the details.

Jo Wenberg Got Redemption At S11 Vanderpump Rules Reunion

Viewers first learned about Jo Wenberg in Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules when it came out that Tom Schwartz had a female roommate. She was then known as Kristen Doute’s crazy friend. It then was revealed that Schwartz and Jo had been hooking up and were friends with benefits. More than that, they would go on trips with Tom Sandoval and his then-mistress and former co-star, Rachel Leviss. By Season 11, Jo was much more of a presence though her relationship with Schwartz was a mystery. Were they still together? Or, were they just friends at this point?

Jo Wenberg, Tom Schwartz-Instagram
Jo Wenberg, Tom Schwartz-Instagram

Per Jo, they had been a lot closer than he had played it out to be. They had a romantic relationship plus had said “I love you” previously. Unfortunately, this was all behind closed doors, and in the April 9th episode, Schwartz ended it with Jo. She recently went on Rachel Leviss’ podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue to try and clear the air. One thing she talked about was her appearance at the reunion and how everything changed, according to Reality Blurb!

“At the reunion … the cast really was under the impression that I was lying about my relationship with Schwartz. They were baffled. It was really neat to see kind of like a gasp of like, ‘Oh [Schwartz] not only lied to Jo, but [he] also lied to us … also lied to Andy … It’s very clear throughout the season that you guys were together, but we all thought Jo was the liar and when in reality, Jo was the one who was being honest’ … And you know, Katie apologized to me too … [and] Scheana was giving me a tissue.”



This is all Jo Wenberg had wanted during her time on the show. However, she added another thing she did not care for and it was Kristen Doute talking about her mental health. She shared the two have not spoken in over three years. Therefore, how can Kristen accurately speak about anything regarding her? Kristen, who now appears on the Pump spinoff, The Valley, responded:

“so.. we haven’t spoken in 1.5 years. i didn’t talk sh** about her mental health, I said she gets social anxiety at times (which is true and also not a negative thing).”

Mean Girl Energy

While filming, Jo Wenberg admits she got hit the hardest by Ariana Madix and Tom Schwartz’s ex-wife, Katie Maloney. She claims it was because Katie did not want him to date anyone else but noted Ariana did not even know her. There have been photos that have surfaced of Jo hanging out with Tom Sandoval and Ariana when they were together. Moreover, even if Ariana did not know Jo, she was hanging out with Sandoval and his mistress. However, Jo maintained she thought that he and Ariana had split so it was okay.

Do you think bringing Jo onto the show was a good idea or are you over her? Finally, are you interested in seeing how she comes across at the reunion? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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