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Tom Schwartz & Girlfriend Sophia Reveal Just How Serious They Are (It Involves the “L Word”)

The Vanderpump Rules cast member also revealed why he almost didn’t go out with Sophia Skoro.

Vandeprump Rules‘ Tom Schwartz only recently took his relationship with Sophia Skoro public, but it turns out that the two have been dating for several months now. What’s more, the couple is relatively serious.

“We definitely love each other,” Sophia said on the April 16 episode of the Viall Files The Viall Files, prompting Schwartz — who also appeared on the podcast — to chime in and shyly say, “love you.”

Even so, Schwartz and Sophia are still waiting for the right moment to make their romance “official.”

“I just want to be in the most perfect place,” Sophia said. “I like to be very, at ease.”

Schwartz, for his part, said he doesn’t “want to put pressure on her.”

Which Vanderpump Rules Cast Members Sophia Skoro’s Met

Given that Schwartz and Sophia are rather serious about one another, it certainly makes sense that she’s already met some of his fellow Vanderpump Rules cast members (besides the obvious, aka Tom Sandoval).

“I’ve met Scheana [Shay], like, twice,” Sophia shared. “I met  Lala [Kent] yesterday. It was good — she’s really pretty [and] really sweet.”

Believe it or not, Sophia’s also met Schwartz’s ex-wife, Katie Maloney. How? “Once at a random bar,” although this was before she had started dating Schwartz.

A split of Tom Schwartz and Sophia Skoro.

What Sophia Skoro “Loves” About Tom Schwartz

Asked this on the podcast, Sophia said, “I feel like I always tell this to people that I think he’s probably the most generous and kind person that I’ve ever met, in a way that he just makes me feel so thought of in so many different ways.”

These include being “present,” but also “cute, sentimental things that just make me think that he’s always thinking about me,” Sophia added.

She also described Schwartz as “so incredible sweet” and “so funny.”

“His humor is so hilarious to me,” Sophia continued. “That’s what initially attracted me to him, ’cause I thought he was — obviously besides being so handsome — I thought he was really funny.”

a series of Tom Schwartz and Sophia Skoro on vacaction in Hawaii

Why Tom Schwartz Almost Didn’t Date Sophia Skoro

Despite Schwartz also being impressed with Sophia upon their first meeting, he initially wasn’t looking to date her — or anyone, for that matter.

“I had no interest in pursuing any sort of type of relationship, but when I saw her, it was like in those movies and everything just sort of stood still,” Schwartz recalled. “Time slowed down.”

Sophia proceeded to make the first move, and the rest was history.

What is Sophia Skoro’s age?

Tom Schwartz’s girlfriend Sophia is 23 years old, although he recently stated she’s “about to turn 24.” Schwartz, meanwhile, is 41.

Schwartz was asked about the “age gap” between him and Sophia on the April 16 episode of the Viall Files podcast. His response? “Honestly, if I was a lecherous old man trolling bars, like, seeking out young women, I think that would feel gross. But we just kind of bumped into each other. We hit it off.”

That said, Schwartz admitted he “get[s] defensive” when he sees negative comments about the age difference with Sophia. “I don’t like when they strip away a woman’s agency,” he said.

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