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Why Andy Cohen ‘Connected’ With Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval is PR poison these days. But Andy Cohen doesn’t seem to mind. Ever since fans saw Scandoval play out on Vanderpump Rules, being anywhere close to Tom is a sure-fire way to tank one’s reputation.

As such, it’s baffling to see VPR Season 11 seemingly try and redeem Tom. A redemption arc edit is in full-effect. And Andy hasn’t exactly been shy about his leanings.

He expressed his gladness that Tom was able to “cash in” on Scandoval. He pointed to most other cast members making bank in the wake of the scandal. As it turns out, Andy’s approval of Tom goes back to the first time he saw him filming.

Andy explains his Sandoval bond

On a recent episode of Andy’s SiriusXM show, he explained his personal connection to Tom. “I mean, Tom Sandoval and I,” Andy began. “People are always like, ‘Explain your relationship with Tom Sandoval.’ I’m like, ‘We’re both from St. Louis, man, I don’t know what to tell you.’”

“I remember first seeing him on Vanderpump Rules with a St. Louis hat on, and at the time, I had met him, but I didn’t realize he was from there.” He added, “I was so excited to have someone else on Bravo repping St. Louis.” Perhaps Andy should be concerned about how well Tom is repping the folks of Missouri, but I digress.

Andy landed on Missouri as a topic because he was discussing West Wilson. The Summer House newbie is also from Missouri. Here’s hoping he might give the state a better name than Tom. Andy spoke highly of West: “He’s very lovable, and he’s very thoughtful and fun … He’s a great guy, and he’s so proud of being from Missouri, which I love. I’m a Missouri guy.”

The longtime Bravo producer added, “When Missouri people meet Missouri people, there’s something.”

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