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Tom Schwartz Rates His “Weird” Kiss with Scheana Shay: “I Give It a…”

Although he prides himself on being a “very good kisser,” Tom Schwartz said his smooch with Scheana Shay was… well, pretty mid.

The Vanderpump Rules cast member made the claim during an April 16 interview with E! News, just weeks after the surprising incident came to light. Toward the end of the sitdown, Tom was asked to rate Scheana’s kiss on a scale of 1-10. And, let’s just say, the moment didn’t knock his socks off.

“It was, like, so platonic,” he told the host. “I’d give it a five. Yeah, it was weird.”

Tom Schwartz reveals he kissed Scheana Shay while dating Katie Maloney

A split of Scheana Shay, Tom Schwartz, and Katie Maloney.

Tom confessed to the kiss in Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 9. He told his castmate Lala Kent that he and Scheana “made out” in Las Vegas about 12 years ago while he was dating his now ex-wife, Katie Maloney. He made the admission while discussing the backlash Tom Sandoval received over his cheating scandal involving Ariana Madix.

“What [Sandoval] did compared to what we have all done, I think everyone has cheated in some way,” Schwartz told Lala. “Everyone has cheated. We have all cheated. Like I have done stupid s—t. I was a makeout slut. I made out with Scheana like 12 years ago in Vegas. No one even knows that. It was so long ago and it was the most innocuous thing ever.”

Scheana Shay explains why she kept the Tom Schwartz kiss a secret

The confession eventually made its way to Katie, who wasted little time confronting Scheana. The “Good as Gold” singer insisted the moment “was not a makeout,” and that it was Tom, not her, who initiated the kiss.

“Me and Ariana were there [in Las Vegas] with my mom and my sister for her cheer competition in like f—king high school. Schwartz pulls me in the corner and kisses me,” Scheana said. “[Mike] Shay and I were maybe just engaged.”

So why did Scheana keep the kiss under wraps for all these years? Because she believed it would cause more problems between her and Katie.

“I wanted to pretend like this never happened,” she said in an episode interview. “I never told (her ex-husband) Shay. I never told my mom. I never told my best friends. I mean, also, I would never have told Katie. Especially back then because the bitch is scary. I mean, this was peak tequila Katie hates Scheana days. There’s no way in hell I was gonna be like, ‘By the way, your man wanted me in Vegas and he kissed me.’”

Tom Schwartz touches on his future with Sophia Skoro

A split of Tom Schwartz and Sophia Skoro.

While speaking to E! News, Tom also dished on his relationship with Sophia Skoro, a Los Angeles-based publicist he started dating in late 2023. The Minnesota native was asked about his previous comments about wanting a family and whether he saw a “kid-filled future” with his 23-year-old girlfriend.

“Listen, we’re just taking it day by day,” Tom explained. “But, yes. My biological clock is, like, it’s time. But I’m good right now. No babies for the foreseeable future.”

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