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Princess Anne’s cutting remark shows how she really feels about Prince Harry and Meghan

In an interview with Canadian broadcaster CBC Princess Anne made her views on the newer slimmed-down monarchy quite plain….Read more

Princess Anne made a cutting remark to show how she really feels about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving the Royal Family.

Speaking to CBC earlier this year the Princess Royal shared her views on King Charles’s plans for a more slimmed-down monarchy, indicating the decision might have been made before certain senior royals took a step down from their duties.

Alluding to those members, Anne said of her brother’s plans: “Well, I think the ‘slimmed-down’ (monarchy) was said in a day when there were a few more people around to make that seem like a justifiable comment.”

In 2020 Harry and Meghan quit royal life to start afresh in California, while the year before Prince Andrew had been forced to step down following his Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have also passed away in the last two years, with Anne admitting that her world has “changed a bit”.

Princess Anne waves at Order of the Garter

Princess Anne seems to be less in favour of a slimmed-down monarchy (Image: Getty)

Referring to the smaller group of working royals Anne said: “I mean, it doesn’t sound like a good idea from where I’m standing, I have to say. I’m not quite sure what else, you know, we can do.”

When asked by journalist Adrienne Arsenault whether there are “conversations about relevance” the Princess replied: “There will be, everywhere.

“It’s not a conversation that I would necessarily have. I think it’s perfectly true that it is a moment where you need to have that discussion.

“But I would just underline that the monarchy provides, with the constitution, a degree of long-term stability that is actually quite hard to come by any other way.”

When Meghan first joined the Firm back in 2018, Anne reportedly knew that the Duchess had a “short shelf-life” in the monarchy as she failed to take the veteran royal’s precious advice on board.

Royal expert Neil Sean said of the incident: “According to a very good source Meghan Markle failed to warm to Princess Anne. And Princess Anne always knew that Meghan would have a very short shelf-life in the world of the British monarchy.

King Charles and Princess Anne in uniform

Charles has always been supported by his younger sister Anne (Image: Getty)

“Apparently, when Meghan Markle joined the Royal Family, she sought out Princess Anne. According to a very good source, Princess Anne gave very sage advice to the new royal.

“Princess Anne reiterated this mantra, she pointed out that it wasn’t a working monarchy, it was a job, you turn up on time, you do your research, and do the duty.

“It’s all about the project at hand. She also pointed out that whatever charities you are involved in you, you needed to get involved and get immersed.”

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