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‘It’s ok poppet!’ Girl hugged by Kate on Coronation Weekend recalls meeting the princess

EXCLUSIVE: The mother of the six-year-old who was given a big cuddle by Kate, Princess of Wales, on Sunday recalled the surprise meeting and what the royal told her daughter.

The adorable child who received a big cuddle from Kate after having had a “lovely chat” with Prince William opened up on who her favourite member of the Royal Family is. Molly Jones, six, melted hearts on Sunday when she was caught on camera in tears while speaking with the Princess of Wales, who carried out a surprise walkabout on Windsor’s Long Walk to mark the Coronation Big Lunch – the initiative aiming to bring communities and neighbours together to celebrate the historic event. Her mum, Paula Jones, 48, recalled the “surreal” experience of meeting the future King and his wife by complete chance – and why she later had to buy her daughter an ice cream.

Ms Jones, from Nuneaton in Warwickshire, shared she and Molly first met the Prince of Wales during the surprise royal appearance – and the exciting experience left the six-year-old “very overwhelmed”.

The doting mother told “She met William first and he bent down and he was chatting away to her and she was very bubbly, answering back questions, she had a lovely chat with him, really.

“Then, as he got up and moved off, I think it got to her a bit, she got a bit overwhelmed and burst into tears.”

Kate, Ms Jones continued, came along as she was consoling her daughter with a big hug.

She said: “I think she saw Molly crying and she bent down and again started chatting. She asked Molly if she was ok, and we said she had just met Prince William, after which she asked, ‘Was he nice to Molly?'”

Kate speaking to Molly

Kate hugging Molly

Kate hugging Molly

Laughing, Ms Jones recalled giving an affirmative response, explaining “he wasn’t the one who made her cry, he was lovely!”

Kate, Ms Jones continued, then told little Molly not to worry and asked her: “Do you want a cuddle?”.

Molly herself recalled giving a big nod before being hugged tightly by the princess.

Ms Jones went on to recall how Kate gave her daughter a “lovely cuddle” before reassuring Molly further by sharing how, sometimes, she also gets overwhelmed.

Molly’s mum said: “She reassured her and just said, ‘It’s ok poppet’ and said she gets a bit overwhelmed sometimes with lots of people around.

Molly and William

William speaking to Molly

“And then she turned to me and said she thought she knew what would help cheer up Molly, and she said I needed to buy her an ice cream.

“Molly agreed with that, after which Kate said, ‘have a nice afternoon and be brave’ and then she got up and moved on.”

Ms Jones, who works as support staff at an infant school, recalled cuddling her daughter some more after the royal encounter, before saying: “And then, when a pricess tells you you have to get an icecream, we have to go and buy her an ice cream! So she went with her auntie and got a lovely big cup of ice cream.”

Molly, who said the icecream did cheer her up just as Kate had suggested, confessed she enjoyed meeting Kate and William.

Asked who her favourite member of the Royal Family is, the sweet child simply replied: “Princess Kate.”

Kate and William

Ms Jones explained the meeting with the Prince and Princess of Wales happened by complete chance, after her family had travelled to the Long Walk for a picnic during a weekend in which they celebrated the Coronation with her sister, who lives in Berkshire, and a group of people they had met in September when they camped out in Windsor for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

She continued: “We all watched the Coronation together and had a Coronation party and decided to have a picnic in Windsor for the Big Lunch. We were there having a picnic when we heard someone may be coming for a walk around, it was by chance, it was a very nice surprise, it felt a bit surreal.”

Ms Jones said her family is very much a royalist one, adding: “Our dad many years ago was a Coldstream Guard so yes, we are a big royalist family and we would really like to pass that onto Molly as well.”

Kate and William headed out on the Long Walk, located just minutes away from their Adelaide Cottage, on Sunday afternoon to thank the public for the affection shown to their family and the King on the previous day and soak in the celebratory atmosphere.

They remained for approximately 45 minutes, before leaving to prepare to appear on the Coronation Conceert a few hours later.

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